Free Shipping available for order above 500/-
Free Shipping available for order above 500/-
Premium Quality Organic White Sesame Seeds 1 kg (500 g+ 500 g)
Premium Quality Organic White Sesame Seeds 1 kg (500 g+ 500 g)
Premium Quality Organic White Sesame Seeds 1 kg (500 g+ 500 g)

Premium Quality Organic White Sesame Seeds 1 kg (500 g+ 500 g)

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If you are looking for a natural calcium supplement and you are vegan then sesame seeds are very beneficial  for you , because they are rich in calcium, which is effective for people with calcium deficiency. Sesame seeds can prevent you from diseases such as osteoporosis, bone lose, muscle pain , rickets. 
Desi Udyami give original sesame seeds direct from the nature, only for health conscious people. Because a health conscious person never compromise with his health and quality. Consuming 9gms sesame seeds per day will give you various benefits at a time

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• Preservatives free
• Non-GMO
• Gluten free
• Additive free
• Easy return
• Free eBook with product containing A to Z about sesame

Sesame seeds benefits

 Rich in calcium If you suffer from diseases that occur due to a lack of calcium, then sesame seeds have enough calcium to fulfill your deficiency. So, consume nine gms sesame seeds daily to meet your daily requirements.

  • Fiber– Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which reduces obesity and is suitable for heart health.

Plant based protein – sesame is the best substitute of eggs & non-veg items. Because it contains plant based protein.


Helps in blood cell formation- sesame is rich in iron, which is helpful in production of RBCs.


Reduce inflammation- sesame seeds carry anti-inflammatory bodies which reduces swelling & inflammation on the body.


Increase metabolism – Sesame seeds are also a good source of vitamin B6 which leads to increased in metabolism.


Reduce Arthritic knee pain – Sesame seeds is a very good source of Calcium which will increase your bone density and relief in knee pain.


 • Maintain hormonal balance during menopause- sesame seeds carry phytoestrogens which exactly act like estrogen.

Oral health- due to enriched in Calcium, sesame seeds make your teeth strong & healthy.

Rich in antioxidants – Sesame seeds have enough amount of antioxidants, which is beneficial for ageing factor.

Lowers cholesterol – Fiber contain lower cholesterol, which keeps your heart healthy.

Beneficial for hair- Protein & vitamins in the seeds are very good for hair and skin health.

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