Free Shipping available for order above 500/-
Free Shipping available for order above 500/-
Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed
Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed
Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed
Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed
Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed
Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed

Raw flax seeds (Alsi) 1 kg (500g + 500g)+ E-Book - How to eat Flax seed

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Flax seeds (ಅಗಸೆ ಬೀಜಗಳು, alsi)  are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which provides various benefits to your body. Desi Udyami provides premium quality mature and manually clean flax seed and have the magical power to cure your various health-related problems. Flaxseed is a rounder ingredient that can enhance the flavor and texture of almost any recipe and its benefits, making your body and mind healthy.

The eBook contains secret features

With the purchase of 1 kg Flax Seeds, you will get 1 Free eBook containing -

  • hidden benefits in detail and
  • mouth-watering healthy recipes 

Desi Udyami is an India-based company with unique features. We provide the best health care products and premium quality and premium benefits, which stand out from the crowd. Buy flaxseeds online from Desi Udyami. 

Why consume flax seeds?

 Flax seeds for heart  & good source of Omega-3 (ALA)

Flaxseed is a natural source of essential fatty acids (EFA) and vegetable lignin (a nutrient found in plants, nuts, whole grains, and seeds) that keep your heart healthy.


 Healthy heart comes from a healthy diet

 Flax seeds for blood pressure

Studies show that ingesting flaxseed or oil, Lignin, or fiber can lower blood pressure. Also, taking flax seeds in bread daily for six months seems to lower blood pressure in people with narrow blood vessels and high blood pressure.

 This is how flax seeds remove bad cholesterol 

This tiny seed can improve digestive health.

Flaxseed fiber helps relieve constipation, makes it more regular, and helps maintain the proper digestion of food.

It also helps in curing diabetes (type 2)

Flaxseed is very good for people with diabetes, and even predictors can take advantage of its benefits to control their sugar levels. Pre-diabetes is a condition with impaired fasting blood sugar, impaired glucose tolerance, and elevated glycemic variables, but the situation is not sufficient to be considered diabetes.

Flax seeds for hair growth and skin wellness

Flax Seeds With Warm Water For Better Results

   Massaging Flax Seed Mask For Glowing Skin

    Continue Use Of Flax Seed Hair Mask For Quality Hair Growth
Flax seeds are a great source of vitamins & amp; minerals. Flax seeds are rich in Lignin and antioxidants that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles on the face. In addition, the fatty acids in flaxseed help keep the skin moisturized and smooth. The unique quality of flax seeds also helps to keep the skin firm and reduce age-related sagging.

Flaxseeds for weight loss

Flax seeds are good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Studies suggest that high fiber intake is beneficial in preventing obesity.


How to use flax seeds

  • Grinded flax seeds digest easily as compared to whole seeds.
  • grind the flax seeds in a mixer grinder for 30 seconds.
  • Roast the seeds for no more than 1-2 minutes, because the oil in the seeds will evaporate.

How to eat flax seeds?

  • Take 1 glass of lukewarm water, squeeze a lemon into it, and mix 1 tbsp. (10 gm) flax seeds, alsi into it, stir it well, drink water & chew those seeds properly.
  • You can eat flax seeds like a mouth freshener.
  • You can make delicious meals, shakes & smoothies from it (detailed recipe given in the book.)


  • Pregnant women should avoid eating flax seeds because seeds have the same quality as estrogen in the female body.
  • Chew flax seeds properly, otherwise it will cause indigestion problems & stomach aches. You can use powdered flax seeds or grind them in a mixer. 
  • You can eat flax seeds' sprouts. 

    Quality and Packaging

    Hygienically packed

    We provide premium quality flax seeds with hygiene. Get rid of unhygienic packaging and low-quality products.

    Premium quality

    Quality products. Desi Udyami gives you healthy food with multiple benefits.

    Now, premium quality seeds are available at your doorsteps. Preservatives free There are no preservatives used in the flax seeds by Desi Udyami. We provide 100% natural products.


    The gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and rye (triticale) (a cross between wheat and rye). A gluten-free diet is essential for managing the signs and symptoms of celiac disease and other gluten-related medical conditions.

    No added colours 100% organic seeds

    No artificial colours are added. Desi Udyami only provides organic flaxseeds with no artificial colours because we are a family.


    No additives, chemicals, or substances are used. Only 100% natural seeds are provided with their original quality.

    Durable for at least six months,

    we provide 100% natural products directly from nature. Thus, they are stable for six months without additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

    Two-day easy return policy

    If the product is rotten or damaged during delivery, it will be returnable or replaced within two days by default.


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